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Hein Jonker


Welcome to my life behind the camera!

Here you will see and experience my passion for creating with light, and freezing time so we can cherish the moment forever.

Please look around, click, read, ponder, and connect with me on any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you, better yet, see you invest in one or more of my fine art photographic pieces.


I love capturing people’s unique personalities in my Portrait Photography. I focus on showing each person’s special qualities, whether it’s an individual or someone wanting to express themselves creatively. My goal is to make each portrait memorable and personal.


In my Landscape Photography, I capture the beauty of nature and create a mood that will last forever. I take photos of peaceful scenes and dramatic landscapes. These photos are great for anyone who loves nature’s art keen to show it off at home or the office.


My Fine Art Photography is about making beautiful images that will make people want to invest in an art piece to impress. I combine careful thought and process with photography to create images that are perfect for art lovers. Each photo is a one-off work of art.


Good headshots are important. In my Headshot Photography, I create high-quality photos that look professional. These are great for anyone who needs to make a good first impression, like professionals or actors.


My Modeling Photography is for models and fashion. I help models show off their style and personality, and how versatile and appealing they are. These sessions are designed to highlight the strength and grace of every model.


I also do Photo Retouching to make photos look their best. Whether it’s a small change or a major edit, my retouching skills help improve any photo, for work or for keeping as a memory. Fake is not a thing in my toolset.


The Quest for the Perfect Driftwood

The gentle lapping of waves, the endless horizon, the sun setting in a golden blaze — there’s a certain magic to beaches. But for me, that magic is magnified when I see a piece of driftwood on the beach. Each piece, uniquely shaped by time and tide, holds stories and secrets from the depths of the ocean. My passion for photographing driftwood is not just about capturing their innate beauty, but also delving deeper into the profound connection between driftwood and the journey of human life.

Photographing driftwood is my way of honouring its journey and the lessons it embodies. Each photograph captures a moment in time, a fleeting instance in the driftwood’s long journey, much like a snapshot of our own lives. My portfolio is filled with these moments, each telling a story, each resonating with the truths of human existence.

You see, driftwood is more than just wood. It’s a symbol, a teacher, and a mirror reflecting our own lives.

I aim to capture not just its physical features, but the deep, philosophical truths it embodies.



With a beautiful and amazing daughter like Kirsten, life is full of photographic opportunities such as this. Here she wears a beautiful red dress matched with professional make-up and hair by Laura & Co.


This was an exciting photoshoot with Meg wearing her ballerina outfit and striking a beautiful pose on the ground, presenting an amazing contrast between dirt and elegance in perfect monochrome.


Working with elegance is so rewarding; they present me with so many opportunities to express myself and bring exposure to their love and discipline. Here Mieke was on point, more than once, with her perfect movements and style of pose.


There is something so surreal about Summerveld as trees and nature adorn the landscape, walked on by horses and their humans. In my portfolio, you will see more of this fascinating landscape they call home.

“I had the pleasure of working with Hein for a portrait session. His ability to capture the essence of my personality was remarkable. He made me feel comfortable and at ease, which showed in the photos. The final images were not just photographs; they were my story, full of life and warmth. Hein’s attention to detail and his skill in bringing out the best in me was truly appreciated. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a portrait photographer who can create a lasting memory.”

“Hein’s work in the realm of fine art photography is extraordinary. I acquired one of his pieces for my office, and it has become a centrepiece, drawing admiration and intrigue from visitors. His unique vision and artistic approach to photography goes beyond the traditional, turning each image into a captivating work of art. The depth and emotion conveyed through his lens were exactly what I was looking for. Hein is a true artist, and his work is a testament to his incredible talent in fine art photography.”

About HEIN

I’m a proudly South African photographer, based near Durban, passionate about capturing honest moments of real people, and a keen eye on the often-forgotten things in life.

I picked up my first camera, at the age of 12, when my dad handed me an Agfa point-and-shoot film camera.

The level of excitement was out of this world!

My first dip into real photography, and darkroom development, was during my time in Rundu on the Namibia-Angola border. I loved the process and the technical aspect of making photos.

Years later, in Pretoria, I stepped off the catwalk modelling outfits for a local agency and started photographing models with my Olympus and a few basic lights supplied by the agency.

Fast forward to 2005, this time with a Canon in my hand, photographing for my little motorcycle magazine and events in KZN. It wasn’t until 2019 that I started taking the art of photography much more seriously, and the result is what you see here today.

At the same time, I enjoy the partnership with my son in our photography business, ShutterXposures.

I love the quiet times with my camera and enjoy working with people on an individual or personal basis.

Photography is my Zen in a world full of chaos and contrast.


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Amanzimtoti, KZN – South Africa


061 546 5181