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Dark Sun


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“Dark Sunrise,” a compelling piece by Hein Jonker, captures the quiet intensity of a sunrise at Baggies Beach near Durban. Despite its name, the image is rich with the promise of a new day. The slow shutter speed blurs the water and sky, stretching the early morning colours into a broad, smooth gradient that bridges night and day.

The deep blues and greys dominate the scene, setting a contemplative mood, while the band of warm orange at the horizon acts as a beacon of the impending daybreak. This subtle brightness brings a sense of hope and renewal, characteristic of dawn’s early light.

This photograph reverses the typical portrayal of a sunrise, emphasizing the lingering shadows and the gradual triumph of light over the dark. It’s a reminder of the quiet moments that precede the day’s full awakening, offering viewers a space for meditation and introspection. For collectors, this piece offers not just a visual spectacle but a philosophical reflection on beginnings and the cyclical nature of time. It would be a striking addition to any collection, especially for those who appreciate the nuanced transitions of time and light.