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Driftwood Standing


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This striking monochromatic photograph by Hein Jonker, featuring a solitary piece of driftwood on Baggies Beach, is where the journey into one of his signature subjects began. The driftwood, stark and sculptural against the soft expanse of the beach and the distant horizon, stands as a silent sentinel witnessing the passage of time.

The high-contrast image, with its deep blacks and brilliant whites, draws attention to the textures of the wood — weathered, worn, and yet enduring. The smooth, almost ethereal backdrop of the beach and the sea highlights the subject, giving it a sense of grounded strength in an otherwise transient landscape.

This photograph is not just a study of contrast and form but also a narrative about resilience, history, and the intersection of nature and time. It’s a testament to the beauty found in the remnants of the natural world and would be a compelling addition to any space, offering a moment of reflection and a connection to the rugged beauty of the coastal environment. The image is a celebration of simplicity and the power of a single, evocative subject to tell a story.