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Morning Glory


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This is a serene yet powerful photograph by Hein Jonker that encapsulates the tranquil beauty of a new day. Captured on Baggies Beach, the image presents fishermen in silhouette against the backdrop of a warm sunrise, their figures etched against the burgeoning light. The rock pool wall, upon which they are perched, becomes the stage for a daily ritual played out in the quiet hours of dawn.

The photograph is a masterful blend of stillness and motion, with the long exposure smoothing the sea into a glassy surface that reflects the fiery sky above. The fishermen, motionless against the shifting hues of the sunrise, are a testament to the timeless connection between humans and the sea. Their silhouettes suggest a narrative of harmony with nature and the simple, enduring acts that define our lives.

This image evokes a sense of peace and contemplation, inviting the viewer to pause and reflect on the quiet majesty of the world at the start of the day. The gradation of colours from night’s deep blues to the morning’s golden tones is a visual representation of hope and new beginnings. It’s a piece that would speak to those who find solace in the rhythms of nature and the beauty of life’s constants, such as the rising sun and the ocean’s tides.