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Tall Trees


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“Tall Trees”, photographed by Hein Jonker on Summerveld, is a captivating exploration of texture and movement within a static natural world. Hein Jonker has transformed the stable forms of trees into a fluid dance of light and shadow. The vertical lines draw the eye upward, creating a sense of height and grandeur that is both imposing and elegant. The choice to present the image in black and white enhances the play of contrast and focuses the viewer’s attention on the rhythm of the patterns.

The intentional camera movement blurs the details of the trees, lending an impressionistic quality to the image, reminiscent of brush strokes on a canvas. This technique infuses the scene with a sense of motion, as if the forest itself is alive and breathing. It speaks to the ever-present life force within nature, even in its most silent moments.

This piece would resonate deeply with those who appreciate the abstract qualities that can be found in our natural environment. It is particularly suited to a collector looking for a work that bridges the gap between photography and painting, offering a fresh perspective on the familiar subject of a forest. Displayed in a space, it would invite contemplation and a momentary escape to the tranquil, albeit dynamic, world of Summerveld’s tall trees.