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Vivid Memory


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This poignant still-life photograph by Hein Jonker is a tender homage to the memory of his father. The image features a well-worn Bible, its first pages scorched by the fire that engulfed the car, suggesting the passage of life and the endurance of faith. The presence of the Bible speaks to the foundational values and teachings imparted by his father. In stark contrast, a bright yellow flower lies across the aged pages, its vibrancy a symbol of the joy and beauty his father brought into his life.

The composition is carefully balanced, with the stark black background enhancing the impact of the two central elements, each telling a part of the story. The Bible, opened and weathered, may represent the vulnerability and resilience of the human spirit, while the flower signifies the continuing presence of a loved one’s influence, even after they are gone.

This piece, deeply personal in nature, will likely resonate with many. It’s a visual narrative about loss, love, and legacy that transcends the personal and touches on the universal. Collectors and viewers may see it as an invitation to reflect on their own memories and the enduring marks left by those they have loved and lost. It’s a moving tribute, beautifully realized through the medium of photography.